I dream of you my Geoff
My heart is lonely for your smile
I listen for your steps
and I wait in vain.

Your death has broken
my spirit and has taken
the joy from me.
I wait in hunger for the time
that death will claim me.

There is no place I can go
that does not remind me of you.
There is no time I can think
that I don't think of you.

There is only tears and weeping
and only lonely times.
Because, my son, I love you
and your death will not stop that.

There are the memories of our
life together and oh how you
were my pleasure.
I loved being your parent and
now what do I do.

There were times you gave me trouble.
But you were a boy and such;
you were so full of life,
vital and alive.

You were so wanting to live and
experience lifes bets.
But the bet you tried that one night.
Killed you.

It didn't help that he left you there to die.
He didn't care enough for you
to worry that you were sick.
He left you there to die.
For us to find you that morning,
will never leave my mind.

The horror and the knowledge
that you had met something
that you could not overcome.
Will always leave me crying
because I live without you.

~ Poem by Karen Jenkins
Mother of Geoffrey Edwards

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